Website Translating


Do You Need A Website Translating Service?

As you check the statistics generated by your website’s analytics provider, you have probably noticed you have visitors from countries that do not speak the same primary language as that of your website. If you find that nearly 30 percent of your traffic is from foreign countries, you might want to consider the benefits that website translating has to offer.

Utilizing a Website Translating Service

This means translating all of the information available on your website to the target language. There are many reasons for doing this, such as business expansion, offering services to international customers, and providing the bulk of your website audience with an easier to read website. For example, if 30 percent of your traffic is generated from another country like Germany you could see a higher conversion rate by providing a German translation of your website.

Using A Machine Translating Website Program

While machine translation is a possibility, it is nowhere near as accurate as hiring a professional translator to custom translate your website for you. Machine translations are unable to pick up on subtle uses of words and phrases that may not be considered official but are still acceptable in every day language use. Expert website translating professionals can not only pick up on these small nuances, but translate them with the appropriate meaning into the target language so that any information available on your website does not lose its meaning.

Cost of Translating A Website

Because human translation is a better option for a more professionally designed site, deciding what companies or individuals to use can be a hard task. Before you begin looking at translation services, you should understand exactly what you need. If you are selling multiple products, then product descriptions, prices, and graphics depicting the products may need to be translated. With a good understanding of what you need and a small debriefing with your chosen translator, the translator should be able to lay out a plan for translating your website and how to incorporate it into your current business plan.

Overall, the decision to hire a website translating service should be one you make if you feel the cost of translating your business into another language would broaden your reach and provide you with even more customers. In all cases of website translating that we have done, all customers have said that it was the right choice and has paid off.

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