Basic Tips on Translating a Website

In the fast growing global economy, one needs to have many versions of one’s website in different languages such as English, French, German and Spanish plus the many other important languages. There are various options to choose from when it comes to finding the right tool for converting your website. Many times you come across words or phrases on the internet which you fail to understand and wish they were in your language so as to make it easier for you to understand them.

Most people who are doing business on the internet tend to use only one language for their website or for marketing, which makes it difficult for them to reach a larger audience, as there are many people who speak different languages.

For this purpose, one requires to translate the website since business is something which is all about opportunities. There are many options. You can choose the Google translator or many other online tools and translating softwares.

Some of the basic steps you need to follow while translating a website are:

1. Rephrase the lines. Each phrase can have a different meaning in a different language. It is important to give emphasis to how things are understood differently in different languages.

2. Make a translation sheet. This will help you to remember the most frequently used word on your website. You will know how many times you are actually using the word while you have to pay for it only once to translate it.

3. Hire a professional instead of using a software tool. This will save you from any errors and will provide you with better efficiency. A professional will help you translate your website in the fashion you want it to be done without any mistakes and errors.

4. Get a translation memory to keep a check on the already translated phrases and words. This will save you the burden of hiring a translator every time you add
a new product to your website.

5. Review your website more than just once to correct any mistakes that happened during translation. You can even hire a professional to do this.

Cost of Translation

Because human translation is a better option for a more professionally designed site, deciding what companies or individuals to use can be a hard task. Before you begin looking at translation services, you should understand exactly what you need. If you are selling multiple products, then product descriptions, prices, and graphics depicting the products may need to be translated. With a good understanding of what you need and a small debriefing with your chosen translator, the translator should be able to lay out a plan for translating your website and how to incorporate it into your current business plan.

Overall, the decision to hire a website translation service should be one you make if you feel the cost of translating your business into another language would broaden your reach and provide you with even more customers.


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