4 Advantages Website Translation Specialists Have Over Translation Agencies

If you are thinking about what to do next to drive traffic to your site, you may have considered having your website translated to reach a broader audience. But if you don’t know the language that your website will be translated into, it can be tricky choosing a translation agency. Perhaps the first thing you should know is that there are now hundreds of agencies that specialize in website translation. Here are four advantages that true website translation specialists have over general translation agencies.

1) Website translation specialists have very strong copywriting skills. Most websites are being translated with the intent of selling something. Whether they are selling products, services or ideas the translation agency should focus on writing text that sells rather than just creating an accurate translation.

2) Website translation specialists have a strong grasp of search engine optimization in the language they are translating into. Search engines are going to be the primary source of targeted traffic for most websites and a website that doesn’t rank highly on search engines might as well be invisible.

3) Website translation specialists are able to deal with whichever programming languages or content management system your site is based on. All websites have hidden text that is read by search engines but not read by most humans. Plus, many websites have dynamic messages that are only displayed when users perform a certain action. Finally, due to differences in the length and appearance of text between different languages, the website design may need to be adjusted simply to make the pages appear correctly.

4) Website translation specialists are able to help you market your website or are partners with a company that can. After your website is up, it is time to get your target customers to view it. This will require some form of online marketing such as link building, social media marketing, or pay per click advertisements on search engines. Not all translation agencies that specialize in websites even perform these functions, but they will be able to direct you to a company that can.

Tim is a Chinese website translation specialist. He works together with a dedicated team of Chinese-language online marketing specialists at Nanjing Marketing Group.

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